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Available December 2012

Watch Dr. Prasad & Dr. Grandhi discuss “Stress” on

Health Talk.

The Jacket Cover is Ready 10/16/2012

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“  Severe stress triggered by a life-threatening event or other traumatic situations, can cause flashbacks that play like a broken record in the mind.”

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“ Today we are pleased to welcome Drs. Balasa Prasad and Preetham Grandhi to our blog to discuss their new book, The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity, and Confidence. Both authors are Psychiatrists who work with patients to conquer their stress so that they can turn their lives around and thrive. Stress has been a principal nemesis of all of us and now stress levels seem to be higher than ever all over the world. A fragile worldwide economy, ongoing globalization and rapid technological advances have all played a part in increasing our stress levels. Let’s turn to Drs. Prasad and Grandhi now to hear their insights about conquering stress.”

Honorable Mention Eric Hoffer Award 2013


“The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity, and Confidence, Balasa Prasad & Preetham Grandhi, Cedar Fort - In this concise, direct book, the authors tackle stress, a common denominator throughout humanity, and offer explanations and solutions that aren't weighed down by dense medical technology or psychologese. Using case studies and personal examples, the authors show a wide variety of stress arenas being conquered with appropriate attention and the "Turning Point" intervention, which are laid out for the reader. The authors believe stress is a problem of the mind, not of the brain, and as such, can be treated without use of expensive medications with dubious, unwanted side effects. Included in the book are chapters on childhood stress, which give parents several suggestions on how to minimize the effects of stress in children, as well as a chapter on post-traumatic stress disorder, which is highly applicable for those treating returning veterans.”

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