From Layers Of Thought by Shellie (To read the full review click here)

“ This is a terrific book (and I’ve read A LOT of self help books). It’s clear and easy to read, and it’s written by two experts in the field. Even better is that it’s slim and accessible, and jammed packed with thoughtful truths about our natures and our world. Also included are case studies and personal examples. In my opinion Dr. Prasad is very grounded and has a extremely clear view of what life is about.”

From Luxury Reading by Poppy (To read the full review click here)

“  ….it did offer new ways of thinking about stress. It is actually freeing to think about stress differently. There are personal stories, examples, case study dialogues and tips for better living. The book is recommended for anyone who likes self-help books and for anyone who may need to jump-start a new life without stress.”

From The Blog Critics (To read the full review click here)

“  I loved The Turning Point from beginning to end. I intend to use it as a resource for living a stress-free life for many years to come. And I am sure many readers will as well. Prasad and Grandhi lay out the approach clearly. All we have to do is follow it.”

From G Force (To read the full review click here)

“  While being Naturized is an on-going practice, Dr. Prasad assures us that we can become masters at it. And this makes sense considering we have a chance to apply this program with every stressful feeling we experience within each day – the opportunities abound!”